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If you are a GP, Dentist or Medical Company and would like to find out if you can save income tax or corporation tax, book your free Zoom video call or phone call with us today.

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Income & Corporate Tax 

If you are looking for a trusted accountancy firm that can provide a full suite of accounting services designed with your medical business in mind, please get in touch with our team today.

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Financial Planning

We provide a full suite of tax planning, wealth protection and pensions advice. With our specialist knowlegde of the Irish medical industry, our team is well-placed to support your needs.

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Audit Services

We are registered statutory auditors. We prepare your annual financial statements as required by the companies acts. We are happy to advise on the most appropriate accounting software and can support you in its use.

No client is too big nor too small

We are experienced in helping clients in your industry.

We work with medical companies and individual practitioners. Whether you are a Dental Surgery will just a couple of staff or a medical devices company growing exponentially, we can help.

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“BKRM Nexus, Certified Accountants have proved invaluable to us since we started working with them in 2004 when we established our business. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an excellent accountant and tax advisor to contact BKRM Nexus. Apart from their accounting expertise in personal tax, auditing, corporate tax affairs and wealth and succession planning they offer exceptional value, something you do not get from all accountants.”

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