Revenue has introduced concessions for income tax & corporation tax for employees of Ukrainian employers required to work from Ireland because of the ongoing war in Ukraine for the 2022 tax year. Irish-based employees of Ukrainian employers will not be liable to Irish income tax & USC on Ukrainian employment income that is attributable to the performance of duties in Ireland. The Ukrainian employers will not be required to operate the PAYE system on such employment income. The concession relates solely to employment income that is paid to the Irish-based employees by their Ukrainian employer.

The concessionary treatment will apply for the tax year 2022 where:

The employee would have performed his/her employment duties in Ukraine but for the war they are unable to, and

The employee remains subject to Ukrainian income tax on his/her employment income

The corporation tax concession will disregard the presence of employees, directors, service providers and agents who have come to Ireland because of the war. Revenue may request documentary evidence relating to the reallocation of the individual to Ireland, e.g. a record of the arrival dates to Ireland.

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