The purpose of this Home Tuition Grant Scheme is to provide funding towards the provision of a compensatory educational service for children who, for a number of specific reasons, are unable to attend school. However, it should also be noted that the Home Tuition Grant Scheme is not an alternative to a school placement and is provided in very limited and specific circumstances.

The following are the conditions required under the provision of Tuition:

  • Tuition must be provided from Monday to Friday inclusive, between the hours of 9am to 6pm only.
  • Tuition must be provided on a one to one basis (exceptions may apply in the case of siblings) in the home of the student only.
  • It is not permitted to provide tuition on bank holidays.
  • Only in the case of Maternity Related Absences, tuition can be provided during the holiday periods when mainstream schools are closed but not on bank holidays or at weekends
  • The student can receive a maximum of 5 hours tuition per day only.
  • The tutor can provide a maximum of 8.5 hours tuition per day only.
  • The weekly number of hours sanctioned cannot be exceeded for any reason. Any unused hours cannot be carried forward.
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